That’s Amore: Electric Citizen – “Light Years Beyond”

Sometimes it’s true that trends in music produce exhaustingly cookie-cutter sounds, but on the flip-side, sometimes those trends can help unearth true musical gems. Electric Citizen is one of those rare gems. They pay homage to the dark, classic Sabbath-esque occult psych sound, while lead singer Laura Dolan’s seductive vocals blend some deep layers into the mix. Dolan has the perfectly witchy voice to convince you that maybe, just maybe, she actually could cast an evil, life-shattering spell on you if she wanted to. Electric Citizen’s driving rhythms and use of ominous organs bring a sense of impending doom that’s all brought back to the earthly realm by the bending guitar solos from Ross Dolan. It’s no surprise how well the two collaborate given that they are high school sweethearts now-married and although Electric Citizen has only been playing together for about 2 years, it sounds as if it’s been much longer.

This summer the group toured with WOLFMOTHER and expanded their fan base along the way. With an authenticity to their already crushing sound, it’s no surprise they’re starting to get some national recognition. Beyond being musically talented and damn fun to listen to, Electric Citizen is the whole package. Everything from their endless collections of fringed jackets and suede vests to the artfully-mixed sound with a few pops and a little hiss here and there, they feel finely aged and genuine. Seeing them play live is no different. They’ve got an ability to transport their audience and you definitely want to catch them live if you get the chance.

“Light Years Beyond,” from their debut album, Sateen, is the kind of song that should be listened to at top volume while on psychotropic drugs and riding on the back of a motorcycle. It’s got incredibly heady effects of badassery that wash over as the guitar riffs wind themselves around you. This is not a band for the faint-of-heart.

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Posted November 6th, 2014

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