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Empty Exchange: CIRCLES

It’s no secret that the members of CIRCLES have been around the Chicago music block a few times. Featuring members of THE PONYS, FOOTBALL, RADAR EYES, THE HOLY GHOSTS, and and even one of our own talent buyers, the band just released their first LP, Shadowgraph, out on the band’s own label, Diminished Arc. The group has all but perfected that careless, jangly power-pop sound. With upbeat anthems about dead friends, sweet lullabies to newborns, and a report on Marcus Gravey, Shadowgraph takes the listener on a roller coaster ride through self-aware ironies and tender moments, threading them with foot tappin’, hip shakin’ guitar and organ-driven pop, complete with vocal harmonies. Tomorrow CIRCLES will be celebrating their release that was three years in the making, alongside BARE MUTANTS and OUTER MINDS.

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Posted July 10th, 2014

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Friendly Family Block Party

Mark your calendars, boyz and girlz, cause it’s that time of year, when we throw a new spin on an old favorite – it’s the Empty Bottle Friendly Family Block Party, coming to you LIVE and just outside our front door. We’re shutting down the stretch of paved road south of our building to welcome any and all for a summer bash unlike any this city has seen before. Last year, as you may (or may not) remember, we had a few bands and some food trucks outside our doors. This year there will be seven bands, all of which feature a staff member of the Bottle! We’ll be serving up delicious street food, courtesy of Bite Cafe chef Dave Cooper, and Revolution Brewing will be providing folks with frosty brews. Unfortunately we had to scrap the overly-expensive dunk tank, so we might just get a kiddie pool for people to relax in…

The programming for this event, much like a week spent at the Bottle, is all over the map. The party’s lineup will run the gamut – from arty metal to messy garage, indie-pop to thrashy punk, all your rock & roll desires will be fulfilled throughout the day. Here’s the lineup:


The bar will be open throughout the day and, of course, there will be non-alcoholic drinks for our more responsible friends. “Street food,” for those who don’t know, is basically anything you can eat with one hand – sandwiches and sausages and all that good stuff. There will be vegetarian options available, too, so anyone and everyone can grab some food while they’re poundin’ delicious bevs.

For those who need a break from the summer sun for some cool AC, we’ll have activities inside the Bottle, as well. There will be a face painter, duh, and a nail artist who can turn your fingers and/or toes into graphic wonders. We’ll also include an area for people to play Corn Hole (or Bags, depending on where you’re from). Stay tuned for more, cause we’re cookin’ up more fun for the indoors.

Gates will open at noon and it’s a $5 (suggested donation). We’ll be planning some late-night shenanigans, as well, so stay tuned and get ready. And as with every suggested donation, the $5 is mandatory. No, seriously – we’re serious.