Road to the Bottle with Sweet Cobra & Cloakroom

Sweet Cobra are old pals of ours, they’ve been producing monstrous hardcore rock since the early 2000s and we’ve been fans since the beginning.  They have a lengthy road behind them as they set off to trample out yet another path with their latest ground crushing record “Earth”. And anyone who knows knows that they’re really sweet dudes. It’s no surprise then, that when Cloakroom’s drummer Brian Busch was unable to do their most recent tour, Jason Gagovski drummer for Sweet Cobra filled in.

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Birthed as a three piece in 2003, Sweet Cobra began as the collaborated efforts of Jason Gagovski, Robert Lanham Jr, and Botchy Vasquez (Tim Remis). They quickly added a second guitar player, Neeraj Kane to round out the line-up for their debut album, then later adding Mat Arluck, before entering Electrical Audio to record their sophomore album. They made their presence known in the Chicago noise scene, touring with Russian Circles, Pelican, and The Life and Times to name a few. Prior to “Earth”, the band has put out three full length albums throughout the 2000’s, and have collaborated with the likes of Young Widows, Doomriders and Get Rad. With all the rigorous touring these guys you’ve got to watch what you eat. Only the essentials.

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In 2009, their second guitarist Mat Arluck lost his battle with cancer, leaving behind an irreplaceable void in the Chicago music scene.  The three remaining members carried on, determined to continue relentlessly carving out their path and reinventing their sound, driven by the glorious new avenues that the four members had already built for themselves in hardcore.

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Sweet Cobra have always emitted a fury that rang as loud as any noise/metal band, but with a calculated and forthright commitment to rock based rhythms: a combination of heavy, booming noise and resonating, memorable flow.

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Instead of seeking applause and fame with gimmicky approaches and obnoxiously loud motifs, Sweet Cobra devote to making quality hardcore that allows the music to speak for itself; a rare quality today, and produces a sound that is still obnoxiously loud and catchy, but unassuming, and true to its explosive core.

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Their latest record ‘Earth’ (Magic Bullet Records) will make its debut at the Bottle THIS very evening. Sweet Cobra gave us a tasty little nibble yesterday when they premiered this woozy new music video release for the track “Future Ghosts”. Loud and hypnotic as ever we’ve been getting nothing done over here cause we just keep watching it on repeat.

Joining them for their record release are tour buddies Cloakroom. A trio, hailing from an industrial corridor of northwest Indiana. Significantly younger than their friends in Sweet Cobra, Cloakroom formed in 2012, and created a sound that takes influence from a number of different genres. Like some sort of musical wizards they swirl hard rock, alternative indie, and hardcore together in a giant cauldron to create a heavy stew that we love to pour down our ear holes!

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Taking on a more minimalist approach to hardcore, it’s impressive the dynamic and intoxicating effect that a few well-articulated tones can produce. Thunderously heavy riffs have been pieced together in intricately placed buzzing waves that resonate inside the walls of your skull. Their music puts you in a morose and almost catatonic stupor that leaves you exactly where they want you to be. They’re in the driver’s seat so buckle up pal, the ride is worth it.

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Sweet Cobra celebrate the release of their latest record at the Empty Bottle tonight June 19th with Cloakroom, Electrick Hawk (one of our other faves!) who are also record releasing, and Chris Hansen of Pinebender. Tickets are only $10 so don’t be stupid, get them here.

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Sweet dreams boys!

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Posted June 19th, 2015

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