Road to the Bottle with Pompeii and Simian Ghost

Pompeii’s Road to the Bottle has taken them to some interesting places, and the Empty Bottle will be their last stop on this long tour before returning home to Austin, Texas. They’ll play one last show in Austin with their tourmates Simian Ghost, who will then return home to Sweden. There is little doubt though that Pompeii and Simian Ghost will feel at home here at the Bottle.


Pompeii brings a cold, calculated and modern take on shoegaze to our stage, which should have everyone swaying to and fro. Noisey called Simian Ghost, “by far one of Sweden’s most promising pop acts to come out this year.”


Pompeii’s songwriting is meticulous and detail oriented. They work to blend atmospheric openings that envelope the listener. They fill up the room with soft, lilting effected guitars that soothe the listener. After they’ve laid this foundation they build towards soaring crescendos.



Pompeii have been around for a decade now. Forming in Ausitn, TX back in 2004. In that time they have rarely written songs quickly, instead spending a long time focusing on all the little details that make up the sonic spaces they have put down on record. “Blueprint,” one of the singles off their latest release, LOOM, was written in three days, and that’s probably the fastest they have ever written a song. Still, it’s one their best songs to date recalling a more classic shoegaze style than much of their other work. With its chugging bass line and a wall of guitars, the vocals are almost whispered as the guitars do all the yelling and the drums just beg you to move. You can give it a listen right here:

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Simian Ghost make dreamy upbeat pop songs. With shimmering production and interesting rhythms the band seems poised to continue rising. Their lyrics are nuanced and offer a depth that rewards multiple listens, but the melodies are so immediate and instantly accessible that it’s not hard to see why more and more people are getting into this band.

Pompei 1

Catch them both here tonight with Minneapolis band ENEMY PLANES and Chicago’s own THE BLACK TAPE. Four bands and it’s all only 8 bucks at the door. That’s something like… $2 per band — quite a steal if you ask us!


Get your tickets here (or at the door after 8:30)!

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Words by Tim.

Posted October 28th, 2014

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