That’s Amore: Daniel Bachman

“Thanks to a geographical kinship, [Daniel] Bachman – a Virginia native who wrote his debut record in Philadelphia – will likely soon tire of comparisons to Jack Rose,” wrote Pitchfork contributor Grayson Currin way back in 2012 when guitarist Bachman’s Seven Pines LP was released.

Guitar-playing greats like Rose and John Fahey are frequently mentioned nearly every time someone discusses his Bachman’s, but who knows if Bachman has tired of the comparisons? Bachman’s mastery of his steel-stringed guitar is definitely evocative of his American Primitive forebears, but that’s also definitely not a bad thing. Plus, Bachman was actually friends with Rose, who died of a heart attack in 2009, and has said that he grew up listening to Rose’s recordings. Rose even commissioned Bachman to do the album artwork for Rose’s last album, Luck in the Valley (released posthumously on Thrill Jockey in 2010).

Bachman released his most recent album, Orange Co. Serenade, on Asheville’s Bathetic Records, a follow-up to 2013’s Jesus I’m A Sinner (which has great album cover art), and has another LP slated to come out in September on Three Lobed Recordings. Busy guy!

The 24-year-old Bachman is also quite the endearing performer, as evidenced by the Tiny Desk Concert he did for NPR in 2012: “After a rousing performance of ‘Honeysuckle Reel’…Bachman turned beet-red in the NPR Music office and said, ‘I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty nervous.’”

Check out some of Bachman’s older music on this Soundcloud page, and watch a video of him performing “Coming Home,” from Orange Co. Serenade, below…

Posted August 21st, 2014

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