Road to the Bottle with The Lemons

One of Chicago’s greatest bands, The Lemons, have been touring all summer long. We caught up with them on their way back to Chicago from Lexington, KY (finishing up a mini-tour with Twin Peaks). By this point they had attempted to play three shows in less than 24 hours and had almost made it to Indianapolis (if not for rain). Riding in the backseat with The Lemons is all it’s cracked up to be. They love each other so very much, they laugh and cry together, hold hands….but really, it’s true, how do you think they come up with such sugary songs? They’re just a bunch of folks who are lookin’ for love, just like us.

twin peaks

At this point we were all pretty sleep deprived, and Kelly Lamone’s new found obsession with Nelly and Twitter (100//) resulted in this:


And this:


Then we stopped at a Love’s and picked up the best souvenirs EVER – needless to say, Juicy James is/was ecstatic.


And Kelly Lamone felt like this:


But that’s not to say they didn’t have fun before their drive back. They went in a rowboat in Boston and paddled around in circles for a few hours:


Chris Twist got some sleep:

chris sleeping

Kelly Lamone and Juicy wore matching Starfoxxx tees:


They played a show right here in Detroit:


And Juicy SLAM DUNKED in D.C. !!!!!


Which resulted in this and a buncha other bruised band members:


But he’s alright and tough as ever:

james punch

Juicy even wrote a song for us while on tour called “Juicy The 8th”!

“The best part about road trips is finding amazing AM stations that still play the oldies. And the best thing about listening to oldies is replacing normal words with vulgar words. Well, used to be! Now i’m a musician now and as such I replace the vulgar words with less vulgar ones about the same acts. It’s great fun! Chris Twist and I just try to rip off as many classics as we can and see what sticks! I tried my hand at a Henry The 8th rip-off and he hated it! So i made it myself!”


Posted August 25th, 2014

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