Road to the Bottle with Crocodiles

The road to the Bottle for the band CROCODILES has seen them mostly sliding up and down the East coast this summer, but now they find themselves in the heart of the midwest. From what we can tell this has been the quintessential summer tour for CROCODILES. They have been taking in baseball games (at bars–of course), brushing up on their BEACH BOYS lyrics, snapping selfies in Detroit, and road-tripping sleepily across America. All the makings of a classic summer, but it would not be complete without a stop at ye olde Empty Bottle.


“Robert loves baseball”

It’s no secret to anyone who has listened to Crocodiles that these fellas are some serious record collectors. So we were not surprised to see that their travels included a stop in Ohio at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While there they took this pic for us of Brian Wilson’s hand written lyrics. Nice!

IMG_5073            IMG_3470

They also scored a nice CAN 7” at Lager House in Detroit. Then they took this selfie out on the streets of Detroit. This band knows how to live it up on tour, and here at the Empty Bottle, we LOVE when bands send us selfies# !

That is not a CAN record you CAN find every day!

CROCODILES played here for the first time back in May of 2009. Since then we have had the pleasure of watching this band grow and refine their unique sound from record to record. Their debut, Summer of Hate was dark, echoing, and promising. A lo-fi and noisy affair that displayed a young band with a long deep love for music.

The band’s follow up, Sleep Forever, was even better. While CROCODILES tour with up to five people for their live shows, the band was started by two friends that met at an anti-fascist rally in high school. The original core, BRANDON WELCHEZ and CHARLES ROWELL spent 10 days recording with producer JAMES FORD, (SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO) out in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Ford brought a bit of sun to the band’s shadowy and macabre sound, while keeping everything that was great and raw about their debut. The result is a record that grabs you a minute into opener “Mirrors” and doesn’t let go until the emotional ending to “All My Hate and My Hexes are for You” at the end of the record.

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They were not done refining their sound, though. Their latest record Crimes of Passion, out on French Kiss late last year, is their most fully-realized album to date. More cohesive than any of their past works can can claim to be, and with a sunniness peaking out through the grey clouds that the band is known for. It shows the band’s songwriting has truly matured over these past four records. We can’t wait to enjoy their energetic live show again!

Catch them here with one of our favorite bands from, “The Good Land” Jaill, and Heavy Times; some of the best local dudes you (or any of us for that matter) could ask for!

There are some tickets still available. Get some at the door TONIGHT!

Posted July 29th, 2014

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