Road to the Bottle with A Sunny Day in Glasgow

The Road to the Bottle for A Sunny Day in Glasgow doesn’t start in one place, but many. Originally hailing from Philly, but the band’s founder Ben Daniels (guitar) has also been working as a biostatistician in Australia. Vocalist Jen Goma has been living in Brooklyn where she’s been working on a number of other projects, and amongst those projects she lends her vocal talents to the latest Pains of Being Pure at Heart record. Many of the other members of ASDiG are still hanging around in Philadelphia, but there hasn’t been a time when all six members of the current lineup were together for the recording of the latest album, Sea When Absent.

This is the first time we’re lucky enough to be hosting A Sunny Day in Glasgow on our stage. Surprising, considering they have been putting out some truly great records since way back in ’06 –yet understandable, considering the band has been spread across multiple continents for the past few years. Just another reason we are extra-stoked to be seeing this show. And, who knows the next time this band will all meet up in one part of the world to play shows?

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A Sunny Day in Glasgow are a hard band to pin down, but one of the genre tags most often hung on them is shoegaze– a genre full of dark brooding music perfect for Fall, Winter, and rainy days. The songs on Sea When Absent, are full of sunny melodies and beautiful harmonies. The vocals are down in the mix slightly at times and have lots of reverb, echo, and effects on them , so it’s why it’s easy to see why people would tag them as shoegaze.

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Van herbs, of course!

A lot of reviews for Sea When Absent have talked about how this is pop music with a lot of “noise” and “cacophony.” It’s not a dissonant or harsh type of noise, though, even when the tracks are layered with fuzzy walls of guitar. It’s more like beautiful, joyous noise. ASDiG’s maximalist tunes envelop you. They seem to come at you from all directions with a variety of textures – to keep with the summer theme, it’s like laying on the beach. The sun is beating down. The harsh grainy sand below is creeping in everywhere. The waves crash rhythmically. Relaxing joyous chaos. This is the pretty kind of noise.

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(Outside the club in Boston)

A Sunny Day in Glasgow play Empty Bottle on Tuesday July 8th. Get your tickets here.

They’ve been going fast since Pitchfork gave her the ‘ol Best New Music tag.

The show starts at 9PM and they are joined by Lightfoils, one of our favorite local Shoegaze groups who are celebrating the release of their debut LP, Hierarchy. Up and coming Chicago quartet Startropics open this dreamy Tuesday night and the Shimmer DJs will be spinning records throughout.

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This one’s going to be a real treat!

Posted July 7th, 2014

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