Road to the Bottle with Allah-Las

It’s hard to believe the members of the Allah-Las had time to snap a picture of them standing on a sand dune considering how busy their road to the Bottle has been. Starting in San Diego they have been playing back to back shows every night as they traveled down to Mexico and back up into Texas. In fact this picture was taken on the Mexico border en route to Austin. Could it be that there is a story that involves Tequila, Mescal, Rock and Roll, and lost passports which forced these lads to sneak back into the states to keep their tour going? Probably not, but this blog tends to think some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Allah-Las dune road to the bottle   Allah-las teepee road to the bottle

One thing we do know for certain is that the Allah-Las are well versed in the subject of Rock and Roll. They met in L.A.’s biggest record store and their tasty debut LP shows their time at work wasn’t wasted just doing work stuff. With a first record full of songs that feel exceptionally confident, these four dudes weave things like melody and countermelodies together with rhythm more seamlessly than your grandma could weave an afghan (The jury’s still out on who has a better chocolate chip cookie recipe, though). Don’t take our word for it though, head over to their Soundcloud and check out their latest single right HERE!

And check out this photograph bass player Spencer Dunham sent us of himself saying GOODBYE to the Pacific Ocean. Don’t know about you, but we feel pretty special knowing these guys left all that to come hang out with us for a night.

Allah-Las sunset road to the bottle

Get here early and you might see the guys taking down the teepee they sleep in on tour. Just kidding. That will be down way before you get here, but you can check out, SLEEPY KITTY, a local duo Brooklyn Vegan called a “grungier and more layered BEST COAST” – perfect! Also, HORSE THIEF is making the trip up from Oklahoma City to get the night started right with their vibrant, contemplative widescreen sound. What could be better? Nothing, that’s what!

Posted June 14th, 2014

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