Road To The Bottle with A MINOR FOREST

Some roads to the bottle take longer than others. In the case of San Francisco’s A MINOR FOREST, it’s taken damn-near 15 years to make it back to our little stage, but here they come once again. Since it’s taken the math/post-rock trio so long to get here, we’ll try to keep this short and sweet. It kind of makes sense to anyone familiar with their music, which excels at stopping, starting, and shifting directions at a moment’s notice. After releasing a couple awesome, cerebral records back in the 90s, the band disappeared for 15 years and, out of nowhere, has decided to come back for one final farewell.


Well, welcome back, Eric, Andy and John. These guys were clearly missed by many, our fearless and handsome leader included. Did you guys see Bruce’s deep look back at them on this very blog? Check it out here.

Live SMALL    Truck Welcome SMALL

Basically, you’re not going to want to miss this show. While this isn’t the end of their current tour, who knows if you’ll get to see A MINOR FOREST ever play the Bottle again. The earliest we’d expect em to return is roughly 2029. We can’t really say, though. We’ve learned with these guys it’s about expecting the unexpected. Actually it’s about throwing your expectations out the window and going along for the weird-angular-mathy-sonic ride. Isn’t it always?

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Posted May 1st, 2014

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