Road to the Bottle with MARISSA NADLER

It makes sense to have Boston songstress Marissa Nadler partake in Road To The Bottle. The first song off her hauntingly beautiful new album, July, is titled “Drive” and it sets the tone for an album that moves through one year of her life, from breakup to reunion. Layers of darkness surround each song’s multi-colored sonic palette and her evocative, mysterious vocals soar alongside the shadowy atmospheres she creates.

Solo guitar      Soundcheck

Marissa recently returned from a tour in Europe, which is where these photos were taken. We could have called this post Sky to the Bottle, but that doesn’t really make any sense. Besides, from what we can tell none of these were taken from a big ol’ jetplane, so quit your fussing and just enjoy the photos.

IMG_6718   IMG_7151

As you can see, Miss Nadler’s got an eye for photography, as well, and she captures some of the same ghostly beauty that she explores in her music. There’s a shot outside of a hotel window onto a parking lot with a hint of the photographer reflected in the glass – the ghost of a past self.  There are photos of her and her bandmates on the road, as well as various shots of what they experienced on their European excursion. As she told us via e-mail, “Europe was very beautiful in the spring, outside of the window of a moving van. Elevators, hotels, nightclubs, and highways.”

Sidewalk      On the beach

It’s a treat for us to get to see into the lives of these artists as they travel around the world. We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, May 11 for a spectacular show with Marissa Nadler (playing solo), Mind Over Mirros and Quarter Mile Thunder. Bring you mom and treat her to a great night of live music on Mother’s Day.

IMG_6717   IMG_6743

IMG_6766   IMG_6789

IMG_7275   IMG_7212

Here’s a video of Marissa Nadler performing a full set live on KEXP:

Posted May 9th, 2014

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