Everything’s Great? (Episode 4)

Welcome back to the Empty Bottle podcast, Everything’s Great?  Every month your hosts Bob Johnson, Kevin Graves and Christen Thomas will be giving you the front door and back stage stories from the Empty Bottle, inviting members of the Bottle, friends, family and staff up to the back of the office to tell stories, talking to bands that will be playing the Bottle in the coming month and playing tracks from those bands.

This month we are gearing up for the return of the HoZac Blackout by featuring interviews with people who’ve played before and one legend that will be playing this year. We’re pleased to welcome Jered Gummere – of Ponys, White Savage, Bare Mutants (who played the fest in 2012 opening for Roky Erickson) and Dick Vain fame upstairs to talk about music, tours and general shenanigans. Bob & Christen also grab some beers with Rebecca Valeriano-Flores – with Kevin on Skype – to talk songwriting and her two bands Tyler Jon Tyler and Negative Scanner (who played the fest in 2013). Our favorite roving reporter Ronnie also lands one helluva interview with Handsome Dick Manitoba from the legendary Dictators (who will be playing the Blackout on Saturday this year) to talk Beach Boys vs. Beatles and discuss the wonder of Thor’s hammer. It’s seriously some of the best investigative journalism we’ve heard all year. Under all the hilarity, you’ll hear songs from the following bands who will be playing Empty Bottle shows in the coming month.  See you in June.

May 2014 Podcast

The Hussy: “Blame” – May 21
A Giant Dog: “All I Wanted” – May 17
Wooden Indian Burial Ground: “Helicopter” – May 28
Gary Wilson: “Gary’s In the Park” – May 30
Tyler Jon Tyler: “Separate Issue” – Negative Scanner – May 26
The Dictators: “Baby, Let’s Twist” – May 17

Posted May 7th, 2014

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