Road To The Bottle (sort of) with BLACK LIPS

Road to the Bottle Empty Bottle Presents BLACK LIPS at Logan Square Auditorium!

This is a very special edition of Road to The Bottle because it features some old friends of ours, a band that’s been playing our stage (and various EBP rooms) for close to a decade. It’s also the first RTTB to feature a band not actually playing THE Empty Bottle. If you’re a fan of contemporary rock & roll, chances are you’re well aware of Atlanta’s BLACK LIPS. They’ve been burning up the punk underground for damn-near 15 years and have slowly peaked their heads into mainstream consciousness these past few years with kick-ass records that stay true to their old-school punk roots. If you haven’t heard their brand new record, Underneath The Rainbow (VICE), give it a spin and come on down for the show tomorrow night. Hopefully you’ve already got your ticket, though, cause that shit’s been sold out for months!

Yes Yes, y’all, your friends at Empty Bottle were nice enough to hook up a show with the Black Lips here in Chicago. The very same Black Lips who recently jammed with muthafuckin’ BOY GEORGE in Philly. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring Boy George with to their show at Logan Square Auditorium?? Probably not. We can almost guarantee not, actually.

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Just how Rock & Roll are the Black Lips? Well, for one, they get vitamin B injections in their butts before shows. You know, for energy. Just like other famous stars, Katie Perry and Deerhunter. Chances are Bruce Springsteen does this – how else could he stay so buff? They did some sort of video interview with Pitchfork some years ago where they explained this. You can watch it and get excited for the show (and butts) here:


The road to the Bottle has been long for these dudes. They’ve been all over these united states already and they even went to Canada for a bit. But don’t worry about fatigue, when it comes to live shows these guys are the pro-est of pros. They’ve been doing this forever and have played all over the world, even the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Their shows are notoriously wild, as we’ve come to know and love, and we know Saturday’s event won’t disappoint. Be sure to show up early for kick-ass openers NATURAL CHILD and FOOTBALL!

Posted April 25th, 2014

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