TONS of new shows this week!

We’ve got an almost-obnoxious number of awesome new shows coming to our stage (& LSA) in the next few months and they’re all going on sale this week. Some of them are even on sale now! Check it out (“after the jump”) and give a listen to the New Shows Playlist at the bottom of this post. What a world!

8/16: Cheater Slicks (9:30pm; $10) *On Sale NOW*
9/13: Bare Mutants (record release), Verma, VLLLGE (9:30pm; $10 (advance), $12) *On-sale Friday @ 10am*
9/16: Terry Malts, Spray Paint (9pm; Free) *FREE MONDAY*
10/5: Quintron and Miss Pussycat, zZz (9:30pm; $10 (advance), $14) *On Sale NOW*
10/8: Obits (9pm; $12) *On-sale Friday @ 10am*
10/11: The Moondoggies, Rose Windows, Is/Is (9pm; $12) *On-sale Friday @ 10am*
10/14: Islands (9pm; $12) *On-sale Friday @ 10am*
10/18: The Men, Fuzz, Purling Hiss, CCR Headcleaner @ Logan Square Auditorium (8pm; $12 (advance), $14 – 17+) *On-sale Fri, 7/12 @ 10am*

“Shark Pizza” image courtesy of Hobo Lunchbox.