• Tue November 17, 2015 9:00 pm $5.00

    PILLOWHAMMER is a gentle but devastating blow to the central nervous system. Led by JIM DORLING, former harmonium player of Chicago/Thrill Jockey-based TOWN & COUNTRY, the band plays an intoxicating blend of psychedelic, loungey rock music, as heard on their most recent release, How To Scrape Skies. In the band's own words, THE PILLOWHAMMER "lays you out and you stay there, because it's pretty relaxing down there." THE LONESOME ORGANIST began in 1996 (almost 20 years ago) as a solo project of Chicago based musician JEREMY JACOBSEN. After releasing three albums on the esteemed Thrill Jockey label, his most recent album, Ashes... Alas is self-released. A renowned and world-traversing musician, THE LONESOME ORGANIST has performed such festival's as DAVID BOWIE's 2002 Meltdown Festival and at the SHELLAC-curated ATP in 2002. JACOBSEN has also recorded with such luminaries as the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION, RED RED MEAT, MAN OR ASTRO-MN?, FIVE STYLE, and composed music for Redmoon Theater as well as The Chicago Complaints Choir. Opening band LOVE RAID is a Chicago-based trio that makes intoxicating, expertly-crafted pop songs with a healthy dose of soothing soul and biting rock & roll. Originally formed in 2008 and coming into their own a year later, the band utilizes guitar, bass, drums, piano, glockenspiel and vocal harmonies, as heard on their self-titled debut LP. Shockingly enough, this is their EB debut, so show up early and stay all night.

    (Chicago Mixtape)