• Thu November 12, 2015 9:00 pm $5.00

    Grab your high tops and neon leg warmers - brother duo EIGHT BIT TIGER is a band that was made to make you dance. ERIK and KENT WIDHAM began making music growing up in northern Sweden, but made it official in Chicago in 2011 and tonight’s is their first time headlining our stage. Inspired by the music of MICHAEL JACKSON and funk band CHIC, these brothers are armed with an arsenal of vintage-synth, 70’s dance, and 80’s pop, presented with some freaky face paint and shitloads of flair. Speaking of dance until you drop, if you’ve yet to experience SHANE SHANE’s experimental-but-dancey and completely filthy queer-rap, now is the time. A Brooklyn transplant who stopped in Chicago for a short spell some years ago, SHANE SHANE has played some of the wildest shows we've had in the last few years, opening for the likes of BIG FREEDIA, KING KHAN, BIG DIPPER and more. Trust us - get up to the front of the stage, watch... and learn. Local electronica trio GLASS LUX was named a top Chicago band "that will knock your socks off" by Refinery29, but don’t worry – we’ve got a solution: bring an extra pair, ya dingus! Alfonso Mayen takes on percussion and synth while Emily Morse leads on vocals, producing a slick dancetastic pop with catchy production and haunting vocals. Newly added synth-monster LEO SAUCEDO really helps bring the band’s slippery goodness together and the result is an Italo disco-inspired sound sure you make your ears perk and butts shake.