• Sat November 14, 2015 9:00 pm $5.00

    Fresh off the streets of sunny San Francisco (well, semi-fresh), sic ol’ MIKE DONOVAN of SIC ALPS brings his razor-wired new band to the fine people of Chicago. A truly special new band hell bent on reforming your perceptions of “pop” music, the trio’s self-titled debut is a sweet and sticky slab of wax that glitters up from the poisonous sewers of the city by the bay. Continuing to uncoil the fragmented scraps of modern-day garage/psych to deliver something wildly fresh and new, DONOVAN and his band – WENDY FARINA on drums and MIKE SHOUN of THEE OH SEES – make their Chicago debut as PEACERS and we’re thrilled to have em. ELISA AMBROGIO is the guitarist and singer of Hartford, Connecticut noise/art-rock heavyweights MAGIK MARKERS. She takes a more stripped-down approach on her debut solo LP, The Immoralist, out last October on Drag City, crafting heart-wrenching, emotional songs without ever getting melodramatic or overly sentimental. Glossy melodies, throbbing drums and layered vocals float over stark sound-beds, but as Aquarium Drunkard points out, "There's no pixie dust or puppy sounds, no super-sweet sap. It’s refreshing and mildly threatening, and it’s the farther thing from twee: it’s the truth." Opening is Midwest rock band SWEAR BEAM, a new-ish four-piece featuring both members of our pals THE FUNS. Now calling St. Louis (or thereabouts) home, SWEAR BEAMS is on a path of destruction that’s all ear-crushing drums and pulverizing rhythms, with a side of syrupy, hushed vocals to make it all go down smooth. This is some good shit, so be sure to show up early to get your five bucks worth tonight.

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