• Bohemian Nat'l Cemetery Sat December 6, 2014 7:30 pm $12 (advance), $14

    Tonight we return to Bohemian National Cemetery - INSIDE THE CATHEDRAL! - to celebrate the Cold Moon, December's full moon that summons the beginning of the winter. As nights grow longer and the early winter cold begins to tighten its grip, Empty Bottle Presents will welcome three groups to the cemetery's stunning cathedral, located at 5255 N Pulaski Road. Yes, THE PERFORMANCE WILL BE INSIDE, not out in the frozen fields by the mausoleum where we hold the summer concert. We're not that crazy.

    J.R. ROBINSON is a Chicago-based sound artist who works under the name WREKMEISTER HARMONIES to explore the darkest corners of minimalistic synth, drone, and ambient music, combined with visual projections he creates. His Thrill Jockey debut, You've Always Meant So Much To Me was released in June of 2013, and its successor, Then It All Came Down, was just recently released on TJ. Both recordings are album-length composition spread over two sides of vinyl, featuring some of Chicago's most infamous minds in the metal and experimental worlds. ROBINSON is no stranger to the Bohemian National Cemetery, having conceptualized and performed at both of our summer concerts these past two years.

    Chicago-based folk-monster RYLEY WALKER released his new LP, All Kinds of You, on Tompkins Square last winter and has gained international acclaim for his fresh amalgam of 60s-inspired Brit-folk and free jazz improvisation. The new record is an impressive album of solo acoustic finger style guitar tracks that evolve with graceful flow, circular shimmers, and visceral bottleneck slides to create songs that take on a life of their own in a live setting. Flowing, earthy acoustic work cascades from WALKER's hands and he's been reborn as a troubadour, which he carries on exploring to this day, sometimes in a Pentangling ensemble, or just solo with voice, wood and strings.

    CIRCUIT DES YEUX is a young lady by the name of HALEY FOHR, originally from Lafayette, IN, who's been kicking around Chicago for the past few years, flooring audiences with her stark, haunting releases and chilling live shows. Now recording with a pair of backing musicians, CDY released the stunning Overdue on Ba Da Bing! in 2013, an album filled with murky, decaying soundscapes, melancholic guitars and FOHR's fallen-angel vocals. The Chicago Reader featured CIRCUIT DES YEUX as a critic's pick in 2014's Best of Chicago issue under the category "Best Soundtrack for Staring Into the Void." They praised the songwriter for "transforming herself into a folk chanteuse who soulfully sublimated her noisy past into transcendent performances full of pained howls and delicate melodies."

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