• Wed August 6, 2014 9:00 pm $10.00

    We love getting hot and steamy with BAATHHAUS and are damn excited to welcome them back to ourstage for outrageous weeknight action. Once known as DAAN, a favorite gay-electro trio that packed house shows and small clubs, BAATHHAUS is a queer-performance-art-group-band comprised of multidisciplinary artists Patrick Andrews, Dan Foley, Jesse Young and Jesse Hozeny. The four-piece creates provocative and original music, dance, and visual art. BAATHHAUS weaves its songs together with narrative, choreography, and costumes combining popular music and culture with dark themes and avant-garde theatrical work (glitter and gore) explicitly exploring the concepts of "otherness." OKAPI SUN was forged in a Berlin nightclub before founding members DALLAS (vocals, synth, bass, drums) and LEO (vocals, synth, guitar, drums) reunited in Southern California. Moonlighting in a local recording studio, the duo forged the sound of OKAPI SUN – a creative outlet drawing on their experiences as classically trained musicians while pulling from influences featuring everything from Rick James to Daft Punk with their own twist of EDM. The result is a record and live show that is eclectic and endlessly contagious. Chicago four-piece BRING YOUR RAY GUN will be returning to the Bottle tonight with a set of their infectious, hip-friendly dance-rock. The group's been taking the city by storm, rocking shows around the city in as little as their undies, and Loud Loop Press has praised their "feisty vocal distortion, wacky synths, and funky bass lines [with] trace elements of electro-rock groups like THE FAINT and GANG OF FOUR.” With guitars howling like a feral Rottweiler off its leash, the group’s as threatening as they are fun-as-hell, so get here early and stake out your spot on the dance floor. 

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