• Fri June 20, 2014 9:00 pm $10.00

    Fans of MARKED MEN rejoice, for RADIOACTIVITY is here! The Texas four-piece, which features two members of that legendary punk four-piece and two members of BAD SPORTS (double-duty, you say?) have picked up right where the MARKED MEN left off, providing a mix of relief and closure for those still reeling from that absence. The newest sonic project of Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan, RADIOACTIVITY came out of nowhere in 2013 and hit the ground running. Having already released a monstrous LP this past October, and a second already in the works, the writers over at Noisey are saying that “Radioactivity’s debut album is so good that you want to listen to every song at the same time through two different stereos at once.” Wowza - sounds impossible, but we're up for the challenge. With no need to rely on instrumental gimmicks or vocal tricks to keep anyone's attention, RADIOACTIVITY writes songs with traversing chord structures and engaging melodies that are built around the energetic ferocity and rousing pop hooks seen in their past work. BAD SPORTS are a trio of rock'n'rollers who'll get you shaking your butts and struttin' your stuff. These dudeliest men are returning to the Empty Bottle tonight for their first show here since opening for the NYE MARKED MEN show back in 2011. These fellas are no strangers to Chicago, though - the band features members of the OBN IIIs, VIDEO, and WAX MUSEUMS - and they're here to rock you into the next century, you better believe it. Their 2013 album, Bras, was a high point in the year for in-your-face rock & roll and no-B.S. punk rock, so when they say "You're welcome, Chicago," you can bet they mean it. Chicago’s EARTH GIRLS will be making their first Empty Bottle appearance tonight, but they've quickly become one of our favorite new additions to this fine city. Featuring members of BROKEN PRAYER, BOILERMAN, and DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, this project should be full of familiar faces for those affiliated with the punk and hardcore scene. Although the group began taking shape just this past January, by the time February was here they had already released a five-song demo cassette. The band's catchy garage-pop tunes sound better with each listen. Tight percussion, sunny vocals and skronky guitars combine to make one of the best local releases of the year, so far. Unfortunately, our friends in NEGATIVE SCANNER are no longer able to open this show, so EARTH GIRLS will be kicking things off.

    (AV Club) (BV Chicago)