• Fri October 11, 2013 9:30 pm $12.00

    Seattle-based five-piece THE MOONDOGGIES visit the Bottle in the middle of a massive end-of-summer/early-fall tour in support of their latest album, Adiós I'm a Ghost, out August 13th via Hardly Art. The fine folks at the label have this little tidbit: "When the Everett-based quartet  released its debut album in 2008, the band sounded like a veteran act. Evoking the spirit of early-‘70s rock and roll, with traces of bluegrass and country, the group’s heartfelt lyrics and languid melodies were the musical equivalent of a worn, vintage army jacket." Sounds comfy. The new album pushes the band's boundaries, melding dirty hooks, edgy harmonies and nostalgia-laden vibes with a strong emphasis on their broad influences, which range from NIRVANA to BLONDE REDHEAD to NEIL-motherfucking-YOUNG. Another Washington act, ROSE WINDOWS, adds a touch of folk to the middle of the night. With their debut album, The Sun Dogs, released in late June on Sub Pop, ROSE WINDOWS challenge the stereotypes of folk and rock to explore creative new territories which prove this five-piece ain’t no Jim Dandies. These “hard hitting hippies” mix influences of THE BAND with BLACK SABBATH’s blues-based dirges and are coming to rock your ass off, flutes, acoustic guitars and all. Minnesota trio IS/IS kick things off with their dark-but-catchy sludge-punk that they’ve coined as “witchgaze.” Sure to blow away any and all onlookers, their Facebook bio perfectly describes what they’re sound is all about: “Weave with rainbow ties to your heart, pull it out, and devour in an ecstasy of violence and humanizing passion.” Wowe – well put, kidz.

    (BV Chicago) (PASTE)