• Mon August 26, 2013 9:00 pm Free

    Holy Moly, summer's about over but we've got a bangin' kick-ass wet'n'wild FREE MONDAY that'll blast your socks off and crush your puny wittle brains into oblivion. RABBLE RABBLE are once again gracing us with their trashy-punk presence and they've been known to cause fits of dancing and chaos by playing dirty, catchy songs out of their continuously-expanding catalog. Loud Loop Press' threw them in the "11 Bands To Watch This Year" list back in 2011 and they've since grown into a basement and bar favorite around this fair town. The end of 2012 saw them release a new video for the song "Cole's Bathroom" and they really let their hair down for it, showing off their kooky side while still thrashing and crashing around in the ways we know and love. It's a real nightmare. SWEET COBRA release albums so heavy and epic that Alternative Press has asked, "Why aren't these guys huge again?" They're huge to us, AP, they're huge to us. Consistently bashing us against the wall and throwing us to the gutter, SWEET COBRA combine plodding, ominous riffs with thunderous drums and caveman vocals, turning it up to 11 for a whole new level of ass-kickery. Local trio MAYOR DALEY opens with their distinctly apocalyptic noise-rock that shatters ear drums and rattles insides. Playing lurching, eerie and sludgy rock, the Chicago Reader says witnessing MAYOR DALEY live "feels an awful lot like cheating death."