• Fri July 5, 2013 9:30 pm $7.00

    Based in Columbus, Ohio, FLOORIAN have been traveling the musical cosmos since 1997, exploring the realms of psychedelia, space-rock and experimental music with a vision of creating a unique style of darkly melodic, guitar-based drone-rock. The band’s music has been hailed by fans and critics alike, but the real essence of FLOORIAN is best experienced through their multi-sensory live shows, combining hypnotic visuals with boundless sound, stunning audiences at every destination. Gradual, careful, deliberate, Chicago's CITY STATES write and perform tightly-wound pop tunes that trade in the 80's dance-rock of their members' former band, MODERN TEMPER, for increasingly complex arrangements. Ghostly synth loops combine with IDM-inspired drum programming and silky baritone vocals to create lush synth-pop with leanings of post- and progressive-rock. LAMP is an experimental rock group from Chicago. What began as a home studio collaboration between DAVID CURTIN and CHRIS ASH has quickly flourished into a five-piece band. Their self-titled EP is the first studio work from the band to document their new sound.