• Fri August 30, 2013 9:30 pm $8.00

    Experimental noise-pop trio BOYFRNDZ come at us tonight all the way from the great city of Austin, TX, shucking a new record they released this past March. A mind-melting mix of mathy, experimental rock that is as tight-knit as it is airy and song-centric, the new album, Natures, is technically out of this world, chaotic and expansive. Fans of the hyperactive, explosive but still emotionally poignant rock a la ZACH HILL and MARNIE STERN will love want to make these BOYFRNDZ their boyfriends, no doubt. WATER HOUSE is a self-described “Miasma Rock” quartet from Chicago, IL that has declared themselves insane and not to be trusted. We couldn't agree more. Using bits and pieces of the endless influences they share, or not, they create songs motivated by moods, emotions and ideas, rather than a specific style, and their caveman-like manic behavior makes them all the more compelling. Formerly known as DICK WOLF!, Logan Square’s own VAYA open tonight’s show with their brainmelting guitar pop, a mixture of crushing polyrhythms, snaking basslines and crunchy, rifftacular guitars that punch like a fist to the face. It's a night of pure, rockin' pop bliss that will leave onlookers drooling and feeling like they've been lobotomized by a guitar-wielding mad scientist. THE NEW DIET make return to open up tonight's show, their first time here in over a year, and we're damn excited to hear what kind of head-splitting rock ‘n’ roll they've got for us this time around.

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