• Thu July 25, 2013 9:00 pm $10.00

    Nashville five-piece THE WEEKS present themselves with a steadfast fierceness that matches the intensity and purpose of their music. Originally hailing from Jackson, MS, the band prides themselves on their tireless work ethic and extraordinary energy both on stage and in the studio. THE WEEKS recently released their new LP Dear Bo Jackson on Nashville-based Serpents and Snakes Records and the album expands on their trademark sludge-pop to meld Americana influences with classic flavors of soul, R&B, funk, and heavy boogie to forge their own unique take on contemporary Southern rock. Big brass, lush strings, masterful keys and twangy pedal steel have been fused into the band's greasy guitars, ragged vocals and highly charged rhythm section. SCOTT LUCAS is known as the singer/guitarist for Chicago rock duo LOCAL H, but in the last few years LUCAS has broadened his pallet and expanded his MARRIED MEN to a seven-piece that includes organ, violin and accordion. SCOTT LUCAS & THE MARRIED MEN emerged in 2010 with their country and folk-leaning rock that LUCAS claims is also "for people who like metal." The group has veered away from the quiet, somber sounds of their past work and their most recent full-length, June 2012's Blood Half Moon, is a scorching, distinctively darker effort that's surprisingly uplifting and unsurprisingly engaging from start to finish. Their new record is The Cruel Summer EP and tonight they'll be performing in their four-piece, stripped-down ensemble. Charlotte, NC's JUNIOR ASTRONOMERS are gritty and jangled on some occasions, then mangled and diverting in others. A hypnotic trance is created through guitars painted heavy and a rhythm section bound for movement, but beneath the distortions and muddled screams JUNIOR ASTRONOMERS seek to achieve something that resembles and documents the human experience. Since forming in 2007 the band has toured rigorously and released music sparingly, with only 2 EPs out thus far, but their live show is known to be a raucous, not-be-missed event.