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WAFFLE FEST 3 (12-21-13)

Chicken, waffles, and some of Chicago’s finest underground rappers – what more could one want? Not much, if you ask me. Saturday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shawn Childress, the mastermind behind the Waffle Gang – and now, Waffle Fest – to discuss the importance of professionalism, childhood inspirations, and what goes best on a waffle.

ASHLEIGH DYE: So first off, can you tell me about how the Waffle Gang got started?

SHAWN CHILDRESS: Well I used to go to after hours at Late Night Thai and Hollywood Grille and eat waffles and anything like crazy. So then we’d go to these restaurants and they’d be like it’s the Waffle Gang! Everybody was just like “Waffle Gang, Waffle Gang Waffle Gang!” And I thought-man that’s catchy. We got up to about 24 members and everyone was just doin’ their thing. It was like Purple Ribbon with Big Boi, just a group of artists playing shows together and having fun. Now we’re down to four, but it doesn’t matter because we’re still getting work.

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Posted December 25th, 2013

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