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How to promote your band: “Rock and Roll Legends Presents: Islands”

Leave it to Michael Cera to come up with the best ways for bands to promote themselves. Did you know that he came to the Bottle once? It was when he was playing in that band Mister Heavenly – after one of their shows or something they came to hang out with us. Cool!

Anyways, Mr. Cera has started a new YouTube comedy channel called Buh, which you should probably check out since you have nothing better to do. One of the videos they produced at Buh came out last week and, boy-howdy, it sure knocked us on our ass and had us ROFLing, if you will. It’s a mockumentary short featuring ISLANDS, the indie-rock stalwarts who play HERE in less than two weeks. The video centers around the making of their excellent new record, Ski Mask, which you can and should go buy or listen to. The song “Becoming the Gunship” is like music to our ears.

Watch the video on dis here blog and catch ISLANDS when they hit the Bottle with BRAZOS on 10/14.

Tickets to the ISLANDS/BRAZOS show are ONLY $12 and can be purchased here. See you then!

Posted October 3rd, 2013

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TONS of new shows this week!

We’ve got an almost-obnoxious number of awesome new shows coming to our stage (& LSA) in the next few months and they’re all going on sale this week. Some of them are even on sale now! Check it out (“after the jump”) and give a listen to the New Shows Playlist at the bottom of this post. What a world!

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