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Empty Exchange: BARE MUTANTS

After a long, slow drive from St. Louis, Bare Mutants finally arrive at the Bottle for their official album release show for The Affliction, out last month on In the Red. The album takes you deep into the smooth dreamland of leader Jered Gummere with the help of fellow Chicago scene staples, Jeanine O’Toole (vocals) of the 1900s and Seth Bohn (bass) from Mannequin Men, along with talented friends Leslie Deckard (keys) and Matt Holland (drums). The Affliction is perfect for those chilly, overcast days where you dedicate yourself to doing nothing but staring into space and pondering your life.

Sitting across from me, clad in all white, chain smoking cigarettes and guzzling iced coffees, we discuss: how cool is white on white, life as a new father, and who they’d want to play dodge ball against.

JERED GUMMERE: What do you think of these white outfits? I guess it’s too late to change…

ASHLEIGH DYE: I’m into it. With the white backdrops; you guys are doing a white out. I’m into monochromatic things… So first of all – I have to say that band names and the naming of things fascinate me – so why Bare Mutants?


JG: [laughing] Well, because I went to a name generator on the Internet and that was the first one that came up that I was like, not too bad!

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Posted September 17th, 2013

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Bare Mutants record release show + vinyl giveaway

This Friday we’ll be celebrating the release of the debut album by Chicago’s own BARE MUTANTS. Comprised of some of our favorite local bands – THE PONYS, MANNEQUIN MEN, THE 1900s and LIKE PIONEERS – the LP is titled The Affliction and it was release released on one of our favorite LA-based labels, In The Red. If you know us, which you probably do by now, you know we can’t get enough of these bodacious dudes and lady-dudes. Front-dude JERED GUMMERE continues to blow us away, and this record further solidifies his place as one of the absolute top-notch songwriters to grace our stage…

In case you don’t already know, if you buy tickets in advance to Friday’s show you’ll be entered to win some sweet, sweet vinyl records! BARE MUTANTS have given us a copy of their new LP, as well as their debut 7″ on HoZac, and the smokin’ hot members of VERMA have provided their new LP Coltan (Trouble In Mind) along with their new HoZac 7-inch. WOWE what a prize! The winner will be contacted the day of the show and can pick up his/her prize the night of the show.

Here are some nice things “the press” has to say about that excellent BARE MUTANTS LP…

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Posted September 10th, 2013

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TONS of new shows this week!

We’ve got an almost-obnoxious number of awesome new shows coming to our stage (& LSA) in the next few months and they’re all going on sale this week. Some of them are even on sale now! Check it out (“after the jump”) and give a listen to the New Shows Playlist at the bottom of this post. What a world!

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Two More Festival Aftershows

P4K Lolla

Summer Festival Season is in full swing all over Chicago and two of the biggest fests, the annual Pitchfork & Lollapalooza music gatherings, are just around the corner. Say what you will about the fests (actually, don’t), but we think it’s great that they allow for us to have Aftershows at our venue. We get to welcome acts that have become popular enough to have outgrown our fair room, and whether you want to stand out in the heat and/or rain, you can still come rock the eff out with totally killer bands in an intimate space. WIN-WIN!

This year we’ve got two more Aftershows to announce, one for Pitchfork and one for Lollapalooza, and we’re damn excited for both of em! Read More »