Bottle Bites 07: Walking Star Sticky Ribs

Because food and music are equally paramount in our world, we invite an Empty Bottle artist to join forces with Bite Café every month — the result is a one-night-only special item to be served on the night of their show.

This month, we invited the most got dang kawaii band in the freaking universe to curate a dish for us. The result is CHAI’s Walking Star Sticky Ribs: marinated spare pork ribs with black garlic shoyu, sambal, sesame, and apricot mostarda. Read on to learn about their musical and culinary inspirations. (Limited tickets to their sold out Empty Bottle gig on January 25 will be available at the door.)

Tell us a bit about yourselves!
MANA: We are an all-female 4-member group with a set of twins, myself and KANA, along with YUUKI and YUNA! 
KANA: From Japan you know!
YUUKI: Something you’ve never seen before, something you’ve never heard before, something you never felt before!  That’s what we’re going to show you!
YUNA: We’re going to win a Grammy!

Tell us why you chose these specific inspirations for your Bottle Bites dish.
YUNA: Meat is our source of power overall!  As a band we eat all kinds of meats to fuel our work ethic.
MANA: It’s when we eat meat that are true voices come out.
YUUKI: Thank you, meat!  We never waste a thing!  We eat every piece on the plate.

If you could invite five people – living or dead – to your dream dinner party, who would be on the guest list?  What would ya’ll eat?
MANA: Mom, Dad, OH!  That’s 2 people already sorry!
KANA: (in response to MANA) Should we not choose family then?
MANA: (in response to KANA) No family???!!!
YUUKI: All of our parents and Michael Jackson!
YUNA: That’s a total of 7 people!  That’s 2 people too many, oops!
MANA: Oh!  I also want to invite my dog Roy!

What’s your go-to meal on tour?
YUNA: Thai food!
YUUKI: We always eat Thai food!  Love Pad Thai!
KANA: Green Curry too!  Oh and Papaya Salad of course.
MANA: For Japanese food, it’s definitely Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku!)

Posted January 23rd, 2020

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