#EB25 Recap: Quintron + Miss Pussycat & Tortoise

On Saturday, 3/25 and Sunday, 3/26, we hosted the first three shows of #EB25 2017! Here’s a recap for all our friends out there who are far away, couldn’t make it, or were too drunk to remember.

First, we saw a visit from New Orleans duo QUINTRON & MISS PUSSYCAT co-headlining with our boy NOBUNNY on Saturday. Everyones favorite rodent rock group, RATSO AND THE RABBITS, opened. Headed by local television star RATSO (Chic-A-Go-Go) this rambunctious crew kicked things off with a bang.

NOBUNNY performed next. We’re always ready for the loud and energetic performance this woodland creature brings to our stage. And in nothing but his skivvies, to boot! This was NOBUNNY’s seventh Empty Bottle performance – in the words of the great FOREIGNER, “feels like the first time.”

QUINTRON AND MISS PUSSYCAT brought a much-needed blast from the past in the form of their signature genre-defying “Swamp-Tech” dance music. Due to an unfortunate accident during home repairs, Mr. QUINTRON had his left arm captive to a sling. Luckily, he brought friend and fellow N’awlins boy Benny along to fill in for his injured appendage. Fun fact: did you know QUINTRON and Bottle bossman Bruce go way back to their college days at University of Missouri?

On Sunday, we revived an olden day tradition of two TORTOISE shows in one days. Both shows were opened by THE LONESOME ORGANIST, the one-man band project of Jeremy Jacobsen. Using guitar, keys, harmonica, steel drum, and various percussion instruments, Jacobsen put on a spectacular show not once, but twice.

Speaking of double trouble, celebrating #EB25 with Chicago post-rock legends TORTOISE twice in one day is kind of a dream. These guys have played the Bottle over a dozen times, yet the sheer magnitude of their talent never ceases to amaze. During one of their encores, they welcomed JIM ELKINGTON, guitarist from ELEVENTH DREAM DAY, to the stage to shred with them. ‘Twas an amazing evening we shall never forget!

Thanks to everyone who made it out! On deck for our #EB25 Anniversary Series…