Fresh Streams: Sonny & The Sunsets, Inter Arma, and The Julie Ruin

The Fourth is behind us but we’re still moving forward with that special celebration of I-N-D-E… you know the rest. Fireworks are gonna keep sparking up the Empty Bottle stage and these fresh streams will persuade you to get your summer-self on in here. Grab your drink, grab your butt, and enjoy the finest of the fine.

Moods, baby, moods… pair ’em with music, friendly, dancing and you have got yourself one of the finest evenings of the week. Sonny & the Sunsets are headed to the bottle this evening with that California sunshine following right behind them. Their sixth studio outing Moods Baby Moods invites you to take a dive into the creative mind of Sonny Smith for his fresh perspective on life supported with groovy base lines and spacey-synth beats sure to keep your shoulders swinging. Take a listen to the full album via Stereogum and grab your tickets for tonight’s show here.

Cinematic in scope and sound, Inter Arma’s newest release doesn’t hesitate to relish in opportunity to experiment. Clocking in at just over an hour, Paradise Gallows takes its time to cover as many languages of metal as the Richmond, Virginia based band can muster. Although the run-time can seem daunting, the breathability of the album allows the listener to settle in to the experience led by countless electric guitar solos and forays into instrumental motifs reminiscent of the 70s. Take a listen over at NPR before the album drops on Friday July 8th and make sure to grab your tickets for their show here at the bottle July 13th.

The Julie Ruin are on their way to Thalia Hall next Thursday July 14th and NPR has a preview of their newest release, Hit Reset, set to hit shelves on July 8th. Tackling issues of her personal past and present, Kathleen Hanna and her band have a handful of tracks, here, set to propel them to the future. With an album closer that’ll make your eyes wet, Hit Reset will get you nothing short of excited for a start-over. NPR has the album for streaming and Thalia Hall has your tickets for purchasing.