Fresh Streams: Mammifer, TACOCAT, Bleached

Me oh my oh man. Spring and sunshine, how we have missed ya. This week the ladies will be bringing the streaming magic to your ears with fresh spins from BLEACHED, TACOCAT, and MAMIFFER. Throw on a crop-top, tie your hair up, and get ready to rock grrrl power hard just after the jump.

MAMIFFER’s new album is streaming and it’s slap you across the face good. The World Unseen, hitting music stores today, is full of sweeping soundscapes and “lost-in-your-own-mind” loops that prove the fourth times a charm. Although their change in venue is putting them at Hungry Brain (2319 W. Belmont) the night of Saturday, 4/2, we are stoked to have them here in Chicago once again. Check out the album over at FACTmag and grab tickets for the show.

Seattle-based post-punk-pop band TACOCAT are making their way to the Empty Bottle stage this spring in support of their new album LOST TIME, hitting record shelves today. Featuring “I Hate the Weekend” and “You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit”, the tongue and cheek approach to anger in TACOCAT’s third studio outing make this album nothing short of a great time. Brimming with angst, attitude, and grrrl power that is sure to pour over to their live show, TACOCAT t is ready to impress with their Bottle debut on April 8. Purchase tickets right here and listen to their fresh stream via Noisy so you’re nice and ready by next Friday.

The second you start listening to the sophomore album from BLEACHED,Welcome the Worms, you’re urged to keep on keeping on that beat… hell yes we will, BLEACHED. Hell. Yes. We. Will. Lyrically concerned with the importance of independence and musically devoted to three-chord hard hitters and heavy bass-line punches, this collection of songs is sure to get you feeling like a natural woman by the end of it’s short half-hour runtime. You’re not gonna want to miss these girls when they hit up the Bottle this Earth Day, April 22. Head on over to Consequence of Sound to stream that new release and purchase tickets for their show right here.

There’s a lot to sift through each week, so if we miss something, shoot us a comment with the link and we’ll add it to the list (and maybe even comp you a ticket to that show)… Thank you for listening — these bands wouldn’t be playing here if we didn’t like em!

IMAGE: Wouldn’t it be nice to climb to the top of a mountain and look out over the land like a God as the sun was setting on a late-spring afternoon? That’s what’s on our mind this January and we found this pleasant pic from our good pals at Google. Simply marvelous. Thanks, Google!

Posted April 1st, 2016

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