• Sun April 3, 2016 9:00 pm $10.00

    Put on your safety goggles, kids, cause tonight's excellent Sunday night gig will be chock full of "crooked, literate guitar pop," as dubbed by NAP EYES eclectic label Paradise of BachelorsThe four piece, hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, play up a contemplative, snarky, and temperate form of alternative folk, much in line with the master LOU REED.  Frontman NIGEL CHAPMAN’s lyricism will take you through a world of cordial empathy: Touching on science/religion, drinking too much, heartache, and the tropes of friendship all with a healthy grounding of feeling alive. Not keen to overdubs and the multitude of disturbances within most recording techniques, the band tracks live to hold onto the natural feel of playing together, so expect a tight performance. Touring alongside NAP EYES is CIAN NUGENT, who's third album, Night Fiction, sees the guitarist taking on the role of singer-songwriter. Where his previous two albums, 2013’s Born With The Caul and 2011’s Doubles, saw him exploring extended guitar based instrumentals with his band, THE COSMOS, here NUGENT has reigned things in and focused on more "traditional" song structure. Fear not, guitar fans -- this baby's still filled to the brim with soloes and ear-wormy fingerpicking. At seven songs, both solo and with his band, this album amalgamates everything young CIAN has done up to this point and reveals a more broad palate of influences, from THE VELVETS to RICHARD THOMPSON, TELEVISION to NEIL YOUNG, JOHN LENNON to FRED NEIL. Starting the sonic conjuring is minimal synthstress, violist and singer WHITNEY JOHNSON, returning with her solo project MATCHESS for the first time since last November. On record and in a live setting, JOHNSON bewitches listeners with a set of sparse rhythms, synthetic melodies, squealing guitar lines and heavily-affected vocals that combine to create an alien, futuristic sound.

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