• Tue October 20, 2015 9:00 pm $10.00

    TRICOT is a Japanese alternative/math-rock band that formed in 2010 and is making their first trip to Chicago tonight. The trio, consisting of IKKYU NAKAJUMA (vocals / guitar), MOTOKO “MOTIFOUR” KIDA (guitar / backing vocals), and HIROMI “HIROHIRO” SAGANE (bass / backing vocals), added drummer KAZUTAKA KOMAKI May 2011 and established their own label, Bakuretsu Records. The band has developed a unique and unpredictable sound, complete with post-rock-inspired sounds, complex rhythmic patterns echoing the math rock days of yore, but with emotional, often harmonizing vocals. TRICOT released their second album, A N D, in May of this year and are said to have a vibrant and intense live show – don’t expect any cutesy shit from these badass ladies and gent, just prepared to be pummeled by their sonic assault. Hailing from the sunny third coast of Chicago, IL is MAURICE, a seven-piece instrumental rock band consisting of guitar, upright bass, keys, drums, and a horn section containing trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn, euphonium and French horn. This ain’t your grandpa’s post-rock music, kiddies – no, MAURICE is here to crack open your skull and dig around with their interweaving melodies, shifting song structures and pulsating rhythms. Each song of their most recent record, Plants and X-Rays, is a thrill ride that sneakily jumps all over the place, so strap on your safety belts and keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times. Opening the show is NEW COLOR, a trio from Chicago rooted equally in punk rock and jazz. Through the course of their songs, the band can seamlessly flows between several genres, swelling from the beautifully calm to the devastatingly severe. With a penchant for melody and technicality, their compositions will lure you in, as seen on their debut full length, Open Heart Surge Through Me, released at the beginning of 2015.