• Mon October 12, 2015 9:00 pm Free Monday

    ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT is ED SCHRADER and DEVLIN RICE, a minimalist punk duo from the fine city of Baltimore, MD. In the beginning there was only ED: A man unhinged, channeling to the world a sacred message in the form of song. His divining instruments a single floor tom, one light, and a commanding baritone. ED was soon joined by DEVLIN on bass, who proved to be an acute match for encapsulating the space-time from whence they came. Their union brought about the release of Jazz Mind, which SPIN called the sound of "the unfiltered, primordial joy of pounding on shit." Their latest full-length, Party Jail, came out via Infinity Cat in 2014 and was quickly followed by the funky, less distorted and more secretly manaicale "Laughing"/"Bedouin Tramps" single. That was followed by a sold out tour with FUTURE ISLANDS, where they continued to perform rock music of the finest variety, which is exactly what they'll provide us with tonight. Chicago trio LIL TITS have been blazin’ up a storm this past year, with a string of killer tapes (including a live tape recorded at ye olde EB), a reputation for live sets that’ll knock ya straight into next week, and even getting a nod towards their track “Peaking” in Pitchfork’s Best Punk Songs of 2014 list. This autumn sees the release of their much-anticipated vinyl EP, FREAK FLAG, a searing hysteria of sinister howls, frantic bass lines and pummeling drums, recorded at Electrical Audio, released by DIY powerhouse Maximum Pelt Records and available for the first time TONIGHT. If songs about dying in bathroom stalls, chasing monsters and falling into the great green abyss sound like your kind of trip, you’ll be right at home in any LIL TITS show. Also a member of AM STATIONS, Chicago's BILL TUCKER is also celebrating the release of a record and will be performing second of four tonight. Originally released as two separate cassettes on 1980 RecordsPunk Fills/Sad Bad Mittens is coming together as one stand-alone LP, courtesy of the fine folks at Maximum Pelt. Hypnotic guitars, meandering basslines, fun-rumbling drums and thought-provoking lyrics collide into a wondrous, spacey, post-punk/rock gem. Kicking things off tonight is FOUL TIP, the fuzzed-out punk rock project of drummer/vocalist ED BORNSTEIN and bassist/vocalist ADAM LUKSETICH. This excessively rad drum/bass duo returns to the Bottle tonight for the first time in damn-near two months, so show up early and catch the madness with them once again.

    (Chicago Mixtape) (Reader)