• Fri October 23, 2015 9:00 pm $10 (advance), $12

    Exciting collaboration alert! Newly unearthed outfit DRINKS combines the creative talents of Welsh singer/musician CATE LE BON and psych-pop oddball TIM PRESLEY (aka WHITE FENCE of San Francisco). CATE played guitar on tour with WHITE FENCE, so now we have DRINKS, a decidedly weirder project for both artists, which is saying something considering WHITE FENCE's consistently strange and prolific outpouring. The duo's debut album was released at the end of the summer and their debut single, "Hermits on Holiday" (and its accompanying video), is silly and joyful but catchy as all hell, especially once those drums and bass kick in. The sprightly, minimal pop-rock ditties have had us wiggling around in our bar stools, jonesin' to see em live, so give it a listen over at NPR or Pitchfork or one of the countless other sites that's heaping praise upon DRINKS. Brooklyn band DROOR is hitting the road with their pals DRINKS and they’re bringing more of that jangly, ramshackle rock-pop that sounds as perfect for dirty basements as it does porch hangs and backyard BBQs. The band’s droning lo-fi ditties will creep right into your earholes and snuggle up for days, so be sure to wear some dang earplugs if you want to avoid such an invasion. If not, open wide, say “Ahhh” (with your ears, duh), and let DROOR take you on a backroads trip with their fuzzy, country-fried rock & roll. Detroit musician ANNA BURCH, of the Detroit band FRONTIER RUCKUS, plays guitar, flute, harmonium and sings with sweet venom. Her new solo pop project first made its way to our stage back in May and we're excited to catch a glimpse of her live again tonight.

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