• Tue June 23, 2015 9:00 pm $8.00

    CHASTITY BELT is a rock band comprised of four friends: Guitarists JULIA SHAPIRO and LYDIA LUND, bassist ANNIE TRUSCOTT and drummer GRETCHEN GRIMM. They met in a tiny college town in Eastern Washington, but their story begins for real in Seattle, that celebrated home of grunge music, Macklemore and the Twelfth Man. After forming in the Emerald City, a handful of shows and enthusiastic responses from the city’s DIY community led them to releasing their debut album, No Regerts, and it sold out faster than anyone thought possible. On their second LP for Hardly ArtTime to Go Home, CHASTITY BETT takes the sloppy nights out and bad parties of their past and stretches them with a newfound sense of clarity. The poppy rock & roll ditties are catchy-as-hell and have us dancing the darkness away, but it's not all fun and games and sex. As Pitchfork points out, "Where the band once crooned jokingly about healthy punk lifestyles, pretentious tattoos and nip-slips, now they chew away at existential questions." Now based in St. Louis, Scottish musician GARY McLURE records as AMERICAN WRESTLERS and is a former member of Manchester "nu gaze" band WORKING FOR A NUCLEAR FREE CITY. After moving to Missouri to marry his then-girlfriend, McLURE started working at a factory and, in his off time, wrote and recorded a pile of excellent pop songs on a TASCAM 8-track and “the cheapest pawn shop instruments [he] could afford." The result is AMERICAN WRESTLERS' shockingly good self-titled debut, initially released for free before Fat Cat gave it a proper release in early April. Unpretentious and remarkably unpolished, the album sounds about as lo-fi as you can get in 2015, but McLURE's catchy-as-hell songwriting is instantly connective with its warm and fuzzy guitars, soothing falsetto and surprise shredding. Having received comparisons to PHOENIX and 90s Britpop, as well as contemporaries REAL ESTATE and THE WAR ON DRUGS, wethinks AMERICAN WRESTLERS are poised for something big. KYLE KAOS is a true Midwesterner at heart. The low-fi, power-pop-songwriting fool makes music inspired by life in the middle of nowhere... or should we say, the heart of it all. KAOS has been writing, recording and releasing albums like a madman these past two years, and each record is chock full of of pure, unadulterated punk bliss.

    (FADER) (Noisey) (Paste) (Pitchfork) (RedEye) (Rookie) (SPIN)