• Mon February 9, 2015 9:00 pm Free Monday

    It's the second Monday in February, which can only mean one thing: FREE MONDAY, just like almost every other Monday. Playing dark, jazzy, trip-hoppy and keyboard heavy tunes, MORITAT is a hard-grooving, avant-rock Chicago trio who’s 2012 LP CLiLL BLANZIN was hailed by the Reader as “full of serious earworms.” That album was produced by the legendary BRIAN DECK (MODEST MOUSE, IRON & WINE) and now they're releasing tracks that have been in the making since 2008. Produced entirely at home by the band, with drummer Corey McCafferty engineering and mixing the sessions, High Plus Tight is the sound of a band with a renewed purpose and creative drive. Developing a unique musical aesthetic that rings with the dense sounds of indie rock and experimental pop, MORITAT occupies a space in between straightforward emotions - there’s no joyous, sad, or angry songs -- though there could be, say, joy-ominous. CHANDELIERS, a local experimental quartet that fuses analog synths with live percussion and drums return to play their first show here since early 2014. Called "music for a perfect world, the soundtrack for a club where the dawn never comes and the lights are never turned on," by The Wire, the band's 2012 release was hailed as "luminous Balearic electro-funk for the Nintendo generation." The quartet are experts at conjuring up early KRAFTWERK-meets-J DILLA at an Italian disco and we’re excited to hear the new tracks come to life tonight. GEL SET, the solo project of Chicago musician LAURA CALLIER, a young lady who released her newest release, a split with STACIAN called Voorhees, on Moniker Records here this past August. Filled with hazy, spacey, sparse minimal synth, the Reader has praised GEL SET for sounding “like a lone candle struggling to light a basement covered in metal; the pleasures come not in the center of the tiny fire but on the edge of the flame as it fights against the steely cold and barren darkness that closes in around it.”

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    DryHop Brewers is taking over our taps with four of their locally brewed beers, one of which is an IPA fittingly-named High Plus Tight after MORITAT's excellent new album. The other three beers for the takeover include Shark Meets Hipster, 6% Wheat IPA, Feeling that Surrounds, 6.3% Belgian Stout, and an Imperial Pils.

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