• Mon March 9, 2015 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Tonight's Free Monday is a celebration of the new LP by Chicago indie-dance-garage-disco five-piece JAIME ROJO, so pick up a copy on your way in our out! Every member of JAIME ROJO shares two very different qualities: a masterful command over their instrument and the restraint to keep their playing powerfully minimalist. These songs merit multiple listens to appreciate the sheer density of interesting rhythms, riffs, and flourishes scattered throughout the tracks. A psychedelic dream–pop band that has been successfully transplanted from the Champaign-Urbana music scene in recent years, SANTAH features beautiful harmonies from the brother/sister guitarists that only those good ol' blood ties can provide. Their latest release, the Awwh Man EP, has the band creating synthesized sounds with sharp guitar/synth tones combined with stark moments that let the bass, drums, and singers get personal. Chicago hot-rockers SHILOH kick things off tonight with their slimy, bluesy and soulful rock marmalade. Taking a free-form approach to their smattering of American musical styles, SHILOH's gritty, country-tinged grunge-pop is as catchy and fun as it is wild and unpredictable. Expect the good times to run all night long.

    (Chicago Mixtape) (Reader)