• Sat January 10, 2015 9:00 pm $8 or Free with RSVP

    Raw, noisy and, at times, dangerous, UNMANNED SHIP use thick, repetitive bass lines and screaming guitars to bob heads and shake floors. They'll be turning it up to eleven tonight as they celebrate the release of a new 7", courtesy of local skuzz-happy label Maximum Pelt. Expect UNMANNED SHIP's wall of amps and stoner heavy sounds to shatter your ears and leave you gasping for air. It's been eleven long months since VAMOS last graced our stage and we're Jonesing for their gritty, in-your-face rock & roll to push us over the edge once again. The brain-rattling three-piece do Rock & Roll serious justice, playing as hard and raw as any other jokers you may come across without ever taking shit too seriously. Combining a lot of cymbal work, distorted guitar and heavy bass lines (with some tambo thrown in for good measure, duh), VAMOS create an unholy cacophony that’s gaining ground all across the land. A.M. STATIONS is releasing their debut cassette, Tacoma, tonight on,- you guessed it - Maximum Pelt and we should all be grateful for it. Singer/guitarist BILL TUCKER, who released 2 brilliant punk tapes in 2012 (Punk Fills, Sad Bad Mittens) is joined by members of of local noise experimental acts PROBLEMS THAT FIX THEMSELVES and IMBUE. Together, A.M. STATIONS deliver uncompromising drums and bass guitars and punishing noise with synth effected vocals that dynamically move in and out of beautiful and harsh spaces. Sun-bleached guitarscape multi-instrumentalists HOUSE SOUNDS open tonight's rip-roaring FREE with RSVP Saturday. The Chicago trio released their last record, Interrobang, in early 2013 on Maximum Pelt, so we're hoping for some new filthy jams to help kick things off tonight.

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