• Mon December 29, 2014 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Chicago Singles Club is proud to present their fourth showcase & year end blowout at the Emtpy Bottle's final FREE MONDAY of the year, featuring Absolutely Not, Bring Your Ray Gun, Moritat, and Vaya! CSC is part online music publication and part record label that, once a month, produces an original recording of two songs, a video interview, and a photoshoot with a different independent Chicago artist they love. Everything is released online for free at http://chicagosinglesclub.com/, where they strive to bring the best independent Chicago bands to a new, larger audience, and to document this city's music scene.

    Returning to our stage to headline is ABSOLUTELY NOT, who play a nebulous blend of glam, garage, and punk that gives you just what you need and not a second more. Two minutes of hyperactive riffs, infectious melodies, and dance-inspired beats call back to the brash, eclectic and unruly sounds of the 70s protopunk scene. The trio isn’t afraid to change their sound from record to record and while ealier releases sound like T. REX on Adderall, their CSC recordings lean more spazzy, synth-laden punk. ABSOLUTELY NOT plays it fast, makes it fun, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously - though the lighthearted music occasionally belies darker lyrical content. As with any other genre that fuses two distinct cultures, dance-rock opened up artists to a slew of new influences, as seen and heard in BRING YOUR RAY GUN’s fun, raw, and dynamic songs. With guitars howling like a feral Rottweiler off its leash, the group’s as threatening as they are fun-as-hell, BYRG's bombastic guitars, elevated rhythms, and tight, neatly interwoven grooves are right at home on the dance floor. Combined with catchy vocal melodies and a raw, energetic stage show, BRING YOUR RAY GUN's dense package has taken the city by storm, rocking clubs around the city in as little as their undies. Playing dark, jazzy, trip-hoppy and keyboard heavy tunes, MORITAT is a hard-grooving, avant-rock Chicago trio who’s 2012 LP CLiLL BLANZIN was hailed by the Chicago Reader as “full of serious earworms.” That album was produced by the legendary BRIAN DECK (MODEST MOUSE, IRON & WINE) and now they're releasing tracks that have been in the making since 2008. Produced entirely at home by the band, with drummer Corey McCafferty engineering and mixing the sessions, High Plus Tight is the sound of a band with a renewed purpose and creative drive. Developing a unique musical aesthetic that rings with the dense sounds of indie rock and experimental pop, MORITAT occupies a space in between straightforward emotions - there’s no joyous, sad, or angry songs -- though there could be, say, joy-ominous. VAYA is comprised of our Jeff Kelley and Kevin Claxton of CSC along with Eric Ridder. Their sound has been described as "Afro-pop played at 45RPM" and "math rock meets excellent songwriting". The band merges a wide range of influences and sensibilities with the rhythms and technical agility of Midwestern math rock.