• Fri December 5, 2014 9:00 pm $10.00

    STEREOSPEAK is an up-and-coming Chicago five-piece from Chicago that's evolved considerably since its inception in 2009, when guitarist/vocalist Mike Mitzner and drummer Logan Ortega began collaborating. The band has featured many members over the years but is now made up of Mitzner, Ortega, Marlon Lang (keys/guitar/vocals), Brendan Bunce (guitar/vocals), and Ryan Hollenbeck (bass). After being dubbed "Chicago's next brilliant band" by Fearless Radio for the release of the Jurassic EP in 2010, STEREOSPEAK released Leaves in January of this year and have played around town these eleven months. Dubbed “rock n’ roll classicists” and “an eclectic synthesis of psychedelic grunge and classic rock” by Chicago press, MODEL STRANGER possess a sound that pleases rock & roll purists and indie-rockers alike. Their variety of sonic influences covers everything from Tom Petty and Pearl Jam to David Bowie and Radiohead. Last year MODEL STRANGER toured in support of their latest release, the 2013 EP The Changing Score, which traced the energy of their debut release while covering new ground aside from classic rock and grunge. An EP showcasing the “stranger side" of MODEL STRANGER's palette is set to follow up The Changing Score. Not to be confused with the enormous natural satellite orbiting our planet, Chicago's MOON play complex, heavy, melodic, spacious, majestic, propulsive, dark ROCK. Chiming echo-laden guitar, post rock bass, propulsive drumming, shifting time signatures, and haunting, ethereal vocals combine to create an awesomely overwhelming experience for listeners and onlookers. Basically, MOON doesn't fuck around -- this is music for the cognizant listener who appreciates layers of reverberating meaning.

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