• Tue December 2, 2014 9:00 pm $5.00

    Playing dark, jazzy, trip-hoppy and keyboard heavy tunes, MORITAT is a hard-grooving, avant-rock Chicago trio who’s 2012 LP CLiLL BLANZIN has been hailed by the Chicago Reader as “full of serious earworms.” That album was produced by the legendary BRIAN DECK (MODEST MOUSE, IRON & WINE) and now they're bringing us songs that have been in the making since 2008. Produced entirely at home by the band, with drummer Corey McCafferty engineering and mixing the sessions, High Plus Tight is the sound of a band with a renewed purpose and creative drive. Developing a unique musical aesthetic that rings with the dense sounds of indie rock and experimental pop, MORITAT has finished a set of songs that's finally ready to be heard. AXONS is the solo moniker of songwriter/producer ADELE NICHOLAS, also one half of the dark-ish dance-pop duo LOVE AND RADIATION. AXONS chews up then spits out a combination of top-40 hits, post punk, electronic and hip-hop sounds. Wowza, doesn’t that sound cool? Yes. It does. SPACES OF DISAPPEARANCE is an electronic-based duo comprised of haunting vocalist/electronics & synth wizard ELAINE DAVIS and ZACH SMITH on bass guitar. The pair walks the line between New Wave and experimental pop while dipping their dirty little toes into more dance-friendly post-punk. They want you to dance. So dance. A duo that calls themselves ZIGTEBRA returns to the Bottle tonight. She is Zebra. He is Tiger. Get it? Together they are half-siblings and indie-pop song-makers that'll have you swooning your cold, black heart out. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape ZIGTEBRA.

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