• Mon December 1, 2014 9:00 pm Free Monday

    All-local FREE MONDAY's bring the people out in droves, so you best show up on the earlier side tonight if you wanna get in to this banger of a local showcase. Initially formed to score a friend's film, NE-HI is a Chicago four-piece that features both members of EARRING, dropping that band's fuzz-happy distortion in favor of jangly, spaced-out psychedelia. Their first couple two-tree songs are groovy as fuck and deceptively catchy, with a hypnotic poppiness that's already starting to turn heads around town and beyond. LANDMARKS are a Chicago-based band that’s mixture of shoegaze, art-rock and psychedelic surfiness has beckoned comparisons to DEERHUNTER (Brooklyn Vegan), REAL ESTATE (Violent Success), and CAVEMAN. The band employs a wide range of effects, synths, and organs to create deeply textured and atmospheric music. The five-piece's ability to go from ambient soundscapes to manic, noisier tracks is evident from their 2013 single on Public House Recordings, as well as their April-released EP on Manic Static. THE HECKS return and we can assure you this duo is not to be missed. Armed with their slapdash, hit-you-in-the-face rock’n’roll that’s as reckless as it is catchy, these dudes are coming for a wet'n'wild night of party-times rock'n'roll. Unfortunately STARTROPICS are unable to perform tonight, but here's what you can know about them... Coming together in the winter of 2010/2011 to avoid the harsh reality of the frozen Chicago wasteland, STARTROPICS began as a bass & guitar duo huddled around a drum machine and has since evolved into a four-piece dreampop outfit determined to write carefree, primary-colored pop songs. Blending boy/girl vocals on top of jangly Rickenbacker leads, a healthy dose of fuzzy rhythms and electronic beats, their songs are equal parts celebratory and introspective.

    (Local Loop)