• Sun September 21, 2014 9:00 pm $8.00

    September 2013, WAND (of TY SEGALL's God? Records) was quietly dismembered and ritually eaten in the hills near Dodger Stadium. Wand reborn as “Wand”— an obese organ falsely organized as four overjoyous nerds. Four flesh balloons betting on a few aging amplifiers. I hear they listen to Here Come the Warm Jets on loop all day and plot mail fraud. I hear they stole Dale Crover’s car and sacrificed it to the weather near the Los Angeles County Line. Some few things, at least, are certain: Wand hears ghosts. Wand prefers serpents. The Sun is the mother of every fiction. All phenomena will be consumed in alphabetical order, but desire will recirculate ad infinitum. If all else fails, Wand will just devour more hands. E | G | O, formerly known as MASSIVE EGO, combines unapologetic punk swagger, naturally psychedelic brainwaves, folk-lovinglyness, and killer pop sensibility into one gleaming badass package. These multi-instrumentalist madmen are notorious for their madcap instrument switching and white-hot, high-energy live music. Their first full-length album, Don’t, was released the first week of April, and is 40-minutes of mind-bending sonic assault. TOUPEE return to our stage tonight a - aaw, noisy and, at times, dangerous, TOUPEE are a treat live – a treat wrapped in barbed wire ready to explode the instant it touches your lips. Sun-bleached guitarscape multi-instrumentalists HOUSE SOUNDS open tonight's bangin' Sunday rock show. The Chicago trio released their newest record, Interrobang, in early 2013 on Maximum Pelt, and it fits with the the local DIY label's moto of releasing "filthy records for filthy people." So come early, stay late, and let's get all sorts of filthy, friends.

    (CHIRP) (Consequence of Sound) (Hype Machine) (Pitchfork) (Reader)