• Wed July 9, 2014 9:00 pm $8.00

    Legends of the Chicago underground, ONO make their triumphant return to the Bottle tonight and are sure to wow all in attendance like they have countless times before. They've remained outsiders in a sea of outsiders and if you've seen em before you know what to expect: sparse electronic beats, saxophone skronk, theatrical vocals and oddball bass riffs. Tonight they will be aided by Brett Naucke on sick synths. ONO are heroes to many and they will never die. CLOUD BECOMES YOUR HAND is a Brooklyn based avant-rock five-piece here to rearrange your brain patterns with splashy sonic wonderment. Born as the bedroom recording project of Stephe Cooper in 2010, the music released on the first two tapes features a meticulously orchestrated synthesis of psychedelic prog-pop with bubbling electronic manipulation. Drawing from their experiences in other experimental performance/musical projects (DAN DEACON ENSEMBLE, PEOPLE GET READY, and EAGLE AGER), CBYH has been known to whisper absurd poetry in your ear, form squid shaped structures with their bodies, or scurry around the room like wind-up toys. You don’t need to tell us twice not to miss this set. Burlington, Vermont's RYAN POWER makes stunningly outré pop music saturated with strange funk and damaged soul. POWER’s harmonic puzzles-turnt-pop-hooks are accompanied by his blunt personal lyrics which come face to face with the all too familiar and loaded matters such as fear of death, hypochondria, materialism, the music industry, environmental destruction, lust, self-evaluation, and identity crises. Oye Vey! THE HECKS return to kick off the hump-day explosion and we can assure you this duo is not to be missed. Armed with their slapdash, hit-you-in-the-face rock’n’roll that’s as reckless as it is catchy, these dudes are coming for a wet'n'wild night of party-times rock'n'roll.