• Tue August 5, 2014 9:00 pm $12.00

    Trouble (Merge), the latest record by HOSPITALITY, was one of learning to accept silence, to let that empty space exist no matter what it might awaken or evoke. If you listen closely, you can hear a band pushing against their own boundaries and limitations until they find the very air around them subtly but perceptibly changed. In its lyrics and its musical construction, Trouble wonders about the mysteries that lurk just beyond our field of vision. AMBER PAPINI elaborates: “Most of the songs are about everyday environments that arouse anxiety or unease...I think a lot of the songs deal with this ‘out of place’ kind of theme, feelings of unease and the questions of what is under you or what surrounds you.” Perhaps a darker sound overall, Trouble begins with the trademark HOSPITALITY pop then unfurls to reward the listener with the more expansive, stripped-down instrumentatio. Here, again, is that distinctively present silence, creating a space where an undulating synthesizer feels as alive and mysterious as a single voice in a room. PORCHES’ bring “uneasy harmonies and organ drones while ripping out the low-end that keeps Maine's stoned reveries grounded...It's less twee than Frankie Cosmos, but every bit as strange.” Why the comparison to Frankie Cosmos? Because the two bands share members (and apartments) in NYC. Pitchfork also sums up FRANKIE COSMOS perfectly, “Inspired by K Records' offbeat ethos, Frank O'Hara's poignant poetry, and the infinite tapestry that is New York City, songwriting prodigy Greta Kline uses her music to chronicle life's little hurts, empowering herself in the process.” We expect something enchanting from Kline and the other bands on this fine evening we have carefully and thoughtfully procured for you.

    (Chicagoist) (Drowned in Sound) (Noisey) (NPR) (Pitchfork) (Reader)