• Fri April 4, 2014 9:00 pm $8 or Free with RSVP

    This show is FREE with RSVP, which you can do right through TicketWeb. ALL RSVPs must be submitted individually (no +1s) by 7pm the night of the show.

    After the runaway success of 2013's Cuddlestock, the Powers That Be at Thee Empty Bottle have decided to once more allow Tall Pat the reigns for a night.

    THE MAN is back by popular demand. THE MAN is a dynamic organization dedicated to maximizing shareholder value by changing the paradigm of of producer-market-consumer relations. As a recognized leader in their field, they have consistently demonstrated their ability to add value to any brand, regardless of the constraints of content or current market share. By choosing THE MAN, you've made a savvy investment in the future profitability of your organization and/or business. THE MAN will be selling, for the first time, a 7 Inch record. THE MAN’s ‘THE MAN’ (TPR-004) is four songs of beefy rock’n’rol music that Tall Pat Records can not legally describe to you due to Tipper Gore’s PRMC. HOLLOW MOUNTAIN, recent signees to TPR, are going to bring their minimalist hard rock sounds back to the Bottle. They’ve been the hit of the cities underground this winter, and we’re happy to have them play above ground for the firs time this year. HOLLOW MOUNTAIN will play some new tracks from their forth coming record on Tall Pat. You’ll dig it, trust us. Due to a legal settlement with Aaron “Grampa” Skufca, Tall Pat Records is legally obligated to include Mr. Skufca’s new band PLATINUM BOYS from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been tearing up that northern suburb with a party heavy brand of Punk Rock Music that will be the perfect sound track to drinking 8 million beers ordered from your friendly (and heavily tipped) Empty Bottle Bartender. Mr. Skufca’s brining his (and our) good friends in DOGS IN ECSTASY down 94 as well. DIE play a most radical brand of fuzzed out punk rock thats pretty amazing for a collection of sentient dogs. You’ll thrill not only to their music, but to a Shiba Inu playing guitar.  We strongly suggest you check out their excellent record on bandcamp.

    No Weak Pits.