• Sun March 16, 2014 7:00 pm $8.00

    Before moving to New York in the early 90s, D. CHARLES SPEER grew up in Georgia, absorbing the culture and music of the American south. The loose and free country rock boogie of SPEER's work with his band THE HELIX derives power from the tension between these two aspects of his his personal history, the traditional and the exploratory. Joined once again by HANS CHEW (keys), MARC ORLEANS (pedal steel), TED ROBINSON (bass), and STEVE McGUIRL (drums), the band's new album, Doubled Exposure, out on Thrill Jockey, is their most stylistically varied yet consistent work to date, offering a full mélange of what Speer and his band have to offer. Combining acoustic drones with white noise and various atmospherics, MICHAEL VALLERA, who you may know from CLEARED, hits the Bottle tonight for a solo set of ambient-folk. Majestic folky MUYASSAR KURDI, aka THE HUMMINBIRD, brings the freaky and psychedelic out tonight with her unique blend of spiritual, backwoods singer-songwriter tuneage that’s all acid-trip meets vision quest. Be sure and check out KURDI's newest solo release, Beyond the Orchard, out this past fall. Opening the show is guitarist CHARLIE SCHMIDT, an instrumentalist highly influenced by the life and work of JOHN FAHEY. SCHMIDT has broken out to find his own unique sound, though, so don't miss his engaging early set here tonight.

    (Windy City Rock)