• Mon January 27, 2014 9:00 pm Free

    Our headliner, WEYES BLOOD, had to cancel tonight. Very unfortunate, but you know what they say: Never give up... and everybody wang chung tonight.

    Returning to our stage tonight is Chicago-based folk-monster RYLEY WALER. Last fall Plustapes released his Evidence of Things Unseen, an impressive album of solo acoustic finger style guitar tracks that evolve with graceful flow, circular shimmers and visceral bottleneck slides to create songs that take on a life of their own in a live setting. Flowing, earthy acoustic work cascades from WALKER's blessed hands and he's been reborn as a troubadour, which he carries on exploring to this day, sometimes in a Pentangling ensemble, or just solo with voice, wood and strings. Walker has rambled to NY to play with fellow guitar heroes LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS and ALAN LICHT, released a hot 45 slab, and this fall released a full length on Tompkins Square. Helping fill the hole that WEYES BLOOD has left behind tonight is CIRCUIT DES YEUX, a young lady by the name of HALEY FOHR from Lafayette, IN. FOHR has been kicking around Chicago for the past two years and she's stunned audiences with her stark, haunting releases and chilling live shows. Now recording with a pair of backing musicians, CDY released the stunning Overdue on Ba Da Bing! Records in 2013, an album filled with murky, decaying soundscapes, melancholic guitars and FOHR's fallen-angelic vocals. Also filling in to help replace WEYES BLOOD is MARK TRECKA, leader of Chicago's PILLARS & TONGUES. Expect a set similar to what we've come to know and love from his main band - gloomy, dark, and a little dreamy. Opening tonight's show is Chicagoans/physics nerds THE FIELD AUXILLARY, a four-piece band who's reverberating, soaring pop has become known around the city. The band exhibits, both in performance and on record, a layered and multi-conversational experimental side that exists continuously and in tenuous accordance with various hopelessly irreconcilable catechisms.

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